Legal Issues

The Self Help Resource Center provides information about civil claims in Franklin County Municipal Court. If you don’t know whether your legal issue is a Municipal Court issue, you can read the Center’s Municipal Court Overview or visit the Municipal Court Clerk’s website.

To get more information about your legal issue, please select the topic most closely related to your legal problem from the menu to learn more.

If you cannot find a topic that relates to your legal issue, it might not be a Municipal Court issue. Below are some helpful links about other courts:

Franklin County Court of Common Pleas

Franklin County Domestic Self Help Center–for issues such as divorce, non-payment of child support, parenting agreements, and more

Franklin County Prosecutor

Columbus City Attorney

Franklin County Public Defender–for free representation for criminal matters. The Public Defender’s Office has income and other restrictions. Call for more information:


Please note:

  • Staff at the Center cannot provide legal advice or conduct legal research for Visitors. There is no attorney-client privilege or confidentiality for any communication between you and the Staff at the Center. The Staff must remain neutral and may provide services to other people involved with your legal problem. The Staff are not responsible for the outcome of your case. For more information about what services the Center can provide, please read What We Can and Cannot Do.
  • Many legal issues are time sensitive and have strict deadlines. If you don’t know whether deadlines apply to your legal problem, you should seek immediate legal advice from an attorney. DO NOT wait for assistance from the Self Help Resource Center.